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Hello Loves! I am GABRIELL. I'm WICCAN, Also I am 21 year old. I was BORN in Colombia and RAISED in PATERSON, NJ. But I currently live in WAYNE, NJ. I am CURRENT in the ARMY! Thats right I'm a SOLDIER. And also have a HANDSOME husband. Yes! I'm MARRIED. He's also in the military. He's a MARINE! Guess what?! I'm pregnant. So MOTHER-TO-BE.

Dual Military love. Any questions feel free to ask away.

This is a Personal Blog.

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11 October 12
My #SnapBack #love #tokidoki #iphonelove #cute  (Taken with Instagram)

My #SnapBack #love #tokidoki #iphonelove #cute (Taken with Instagram)

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